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What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away

Essential OilsDid you know that there as certain pests that are repelled by specific scents? Maybe you’ve used a scented product to deter your dog from peeing on your couch. Or, maybe you’ve probably tried to deter your cat from scratching. Whatever the situation, people are utilizing scents for a wide range of things these days. Some have even been toying with the fact that certain scents may now have the properties to repel bed bugs. That’s right, say goodbye to those bed bugs! How effective is this? The process is entirely new, so you can imagine that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions attached to this theory as well. This is why it pays to understand the properties of the scents and how exactly they might work. Take this new scent product available that contains nymph pheromones. This is the perfect example. Nymph pheromones are a scent that comes from the glands of the baby bed bug. The baby bed bug emits this as a form of protection from adult male bed bugs. Adult male bed bugs are prolific breeders and maters. They will virtually mate with anything and everything, including baby bed bugs. This is a process that oftentimes kills the baby bed bug, and this is why they secrete this specific scent. Researchers figured this out and started utilizing the scent to deter bed bugs, and it’s proven quite effective. However, this is where the misconceptions come in. This scent is only effective against adult male bed bugs. It will do absolutely nothing to dissuade adult female bed bugs or baby bed bugs. This doesn’t mean the scent isn’t worth utilizing. It just means, do not get your hopes and expectations up too high. Pretty fascinating stuff and this is just one of the reasons that the United States Department of Agriculture started conducting seperaate studies. What they discovered was pretty interesting as well, as they discovered that there are specific scents that can be effective against bed bugs. However, it turns out that these scents have some kind of effect on the bug’s body. In addition to this, they discovered that there are specific scents more effective than others. Amongst these scents are blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil. Just remember that regardless of what the Internet says, these scents are only limited as to what they can do.

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