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Preparing For The Bed Bugs Exterminator Appointment

Most homeowners will choose to make an appointment with a licensed bed bugs exterminator in Las Vegas NV. While the same-day emergency option is available, it is not always in the best interests of the banking account. The main goal should be to hire a professional, let them do their job and eradicate the bedbug infestation in a time efficient manner. However, there are some things that you can do, while you are waiting on the technician to arrive. These tasks will actually speed up the process and ensure a complete eradication.


Removing Clutter


If you are a clutter bug, you are putting your home at risk of pest infestations. Now, this does not necessarily mean that bedbugs will be the only type of pest scoping our your premises. No, cockroaches, ants, termites and rodents will also be scouting out your home, looking for a new place to make a nest. It will be in your best interest to remove the clutter, before the exterminator arrives to initiate the treatment. It is crucial to avoid spreading the infestation, when you are de-cluttering a specific room in your home.

The best way to approach the task is by investing in a box of biodegradable garbage bags. Place the items that you want to get rid of inside the trash bags and seal it tightly, so the bedbugs cannot escape. If you end up with a lot of trash, you will probably want to take it directly to the trash collection center or landfill. Do not risk leaving the bags sitting around your home for any period of time, because one of your family members may get nosy and tear open the bags.


Place The Bed In The Center Of The Room


It is a fact that most bedbug infestations occur in one or two bedrooms in the home. Bed bugs survive on blood meals from humans and pets, so they will always want to be in proximity of the host’s sleeping areas. This is also the first place you should start your investigation, when you think your home is infested with bedbugs. When you spot the signs of an infestation, you want to place the bed in the center of the room. If the mattress and box springs is sitting directly on top of the floor, you will want to prop it up with blocks or invest in a new bedframe.


Wash And Dry All Bed Linen


Now it will be time to remove all of the linen from the bed. Carefully place it into the plastic garage bags, before transporting them into the laundry room. What you want to do is preset the washer temperature to the maximum level. The temperature must be at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit to eradicate the bedbugs. The same thing goes for the dryer, making sure you create a high temperature environment, so the bedbugs cannot possibly survive.

You can also dry-clean your garments or other items that cannot be safely washed. This will eradicate a big portion of the bedbugs and suffice until the exterminator arrives.

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