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Carpenter Bees

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Residents of Las Vegas are going to encounter carpenter bees during the warm, summer months. Although these pests are less aggressive than other stinging insects, they can still create numerous issues for homeowners and business owners. They are large since they can grow over an inch and a half. The color depends on the gender with females being fully black. Males are orange and black. Although they look like bumblebees, they have shiny, black abdomens. Bumblebees have hairy abdomens.

What Causes Carpenter Bee Invasions?

Carpenter bees like invading properties that have untreated softwoods. If you have softwoods on your property, the wood will likely attract carpenter bees. These pests build nests in unstained, unpainted softwoods. They can also use them for overwintering purposes. Breeding carpenter bees tend to return to the same nesting spots for multiple years. Therefore, it is wise to understand that the damage is going to accumulate rapidly.

Primary Dangerous Linked To Carpenter Bees

Since you’re dealing with stinging insects, you have to remember that these pests will sting. Nevertheless, the danger isn’t as bad as you might initially believe. The thing you have to remember is that male carpenter bees do not have stingers so they cannot sting. Nevertheless, they are aggressive so they will do whatever they must to defend the nest. As for females, they have stingers but they usually do not sting people. As long as you stay away from these pests, you should be okay. Another concern is that carpenter bee larvae attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, this can lead to more property damage.

Carpenter Bee Removal Techniques

It is never easy to wipe out carpenter bees because they do not use centralized nests. Instead, these pests build multiple tunnels and you’ll need to treat all of them. If you don’t, another infestation will happen. You have to get in touch with a professional because they’ll deliver reliable, proven services. Contact us and we’ll take care of it for you promptly.

DIY Carpenter Bee Solutions

You’ll likely consider using DIY carpenter bee techniques to resolve the problem. Although they can eliminate some pests, they won’t eliminate the infestation. Therefore, it is best to be cautious. Stay away from DIY methods because some of them are unsafe. The others are unreliable.

The Safest Way To Eliminate Carpenter Bees

Work with us because we offer the safest carpenter bee solutions possible. We always work diligently to ensure that our clients are going to be protected. Our technicians rely on EPA-registered products. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be protected during each step of the treatment process.

Preventing Future Carpenter Bee Problems

Don’t forget to take steps to keep carpenter bees away from your home. The best thing you can do is switch to hardwoods. If you’re going to use softwoods, make sure that they’re properly stained or painted. Do this and they won’t build nests in the softwoods on your property.

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