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Residential Pest Control

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Professional pest control targets specific properties – residential, commercial, and industrial. Ask any Las Vegas exterminator, they will agree professional residential pest control is almost always in demand. Residential pest control targets the following properties:

Our residential pest management service is highly recommended for permanent and semi-permanent property management services. Property owners have two primary pest control strategy options to choose from. These options include professional and do-it-yourself residential pest control.

What is the main difference between professional and DIY residential pest management? The main difference is the pesticide potency level. Professional residential pest control utilizes a high potency pesticide, while do-it-yourself utilizes an over-the-counter pesticide. While this may appear to be a minor difference, it is actually a very important difference that determines the effectiveness of a pesticide.

What Insect Species Do Residential Pest Control Target?

Residential pest control is suitable for all household pests. However, only professional residential pest extermination will be effective for pest infestation. Do-it-yourself pest control, on the other hand, is limited to minor pest problems.

Residential pest control strategies can be customized to target specific insect species:

Our home pest management can also be customized to treat rodent and spider infestations.

Our Residential Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Thanks to public awareness campaigns, the dangers of chemical pest control products are gaining statewide attention. In the past, conventional pesticide treatment was the only option available to treat household pest infestation. These strategies relied on chemical-based pesticides to eradicate all pests. While the conventional pest control treatments were effective, they posed environmental risks.

Conventional pest control is still in high demand during the peak season for specific pests and rodents. The peak season for the ant, termite, box elder bug, stinkbug, ladybug, and cluster fly begins in mid-spring, lasting up until the onset of the winter season. These overwintering pests enter deep sleep in the latter part of the fall season. The main purpose of overwintering is to protect impacted species from extinction related to hypothermia and starvation.

More Las Vegas consumers are working on decreasing their carbon footprint. One way they are doing this is by avoiding conventional pest control products. Is this possible? Yes, thanks to our green-friendly pest control strategies.

Our eco-friendly pest control treatments include the following:

Our eco-friendly pest control strategies utilize cutting-edge technology to generate heat, cryonite, and steam. For example, large heaters, fans, and flex ducts are utilized to deliver thermal heat into an infested residential establishment. We seal the infested rooms off from the rest of the home to prevent the further spread of the infestation.

Our Las Vegas Residential Extermination Services

Our residential extermination services include mild to severe infestation and infiltration. Each treatment is customized based on the evidence collected through a visual inspection of the impacted property.

A pest inspection initiated the residential pest control process, beginning in a high-risk area of the home. High-risk areas change from one pest species to another. For example, a high-risk residential area for bed bugs is the host’s bedroom. Bed bugs cannot survive more than a few months without a blood meal. Seeking refuge in the host’s bedroom is more common than not.

Cockroach high-risk areas, on the other hand, are the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. If a cockroach infestation is expected, the exterminator will initiate the inspection in one of the aforementioned high-risk areas.

Targeting high-risk areas help minimize the difficulty of the pest inspection. It can also help confirm the exterminator’s suspicions in a timely manner.

Once it is determined, a pest infestation is present, the exterminator will then begin searching for evidence to determine the severity level. Pest infestations are rated in three severity levels – mild, moderate, and severe.

How To Fully Eradicate A Pest Infestation In A Residential Setting?

Special precautions must be taken to protect the occupants, furniture, and other assets. Special precautions must also be taken to eliminate all risks of environmental exposure. This only applies to chemical conventional pest control products.

Our professional pest control treatments are virtually implemented in the same manner. The infested property must be fully evacuated prior to each treatment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to administer the treatment to ensure more accuracy and control. A 90-degree tip is utilized to administer cryonite and pesticides to deliver more accuracy.

We utilize a pest control protocol that must be followed to a tee:

  • Initial Visit – One-on-one consultation with a licensed exterminator or certified pest control professional
  • Visual Inspection – The exterminator will determine when to conduct the inspection. Some exterminators will opt to conduct the visual inspection following the consultation
  • Initial Treatment – The initial treatment is generally administered, following the visual inspection or on the second or third home visit
  • Follow-Up Inspection – This inspection is designed to help the exterminator determine the effectiveness of the initial treatment. If pests are detected during the inspection, the exterminator will determine if a second, similar treatment is the route to take.

Each pest control treatment is separated with at least 2 weeks, no more than 4 weeks max. The 2-week separation will allow enough time for eggs to hatch and larvae to mature. This is an important part of the pest control process, as it ensures full eradication in the shortest duration.

How Does Residential Pest Management Work?

Residential pest management helps Las Vegas exterminators control the population of all household pests, rodents, and spiders. By controlling the population of pests, fewer new residential pest infestations will be reported.

We need up to 48 hours to process a residential service request. Any delay could compromise your case, by providing the pests enough time to develop into a full-blown infestation.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our free residential consultation and inspection. These services are available via appointment only. We also offer free written quotes that can be utilized for price comparison purposes.

Why Hire Us!

  • We are a locally owned and operated pest control service in Las Vegas
  • Our residential pest control is rated #1 by our long-time clients
  • Our pricing is competitive with Nevada’s top pest control companies
  • We offer free written estimates for comparison purposes
  • We offer professional references per request

We believe residential pest control would not be complete without a pre-and-post treatment inspection.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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