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Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs are common across the United States. Unfortunately, these pests are everywhere. Bedbugs are unique pests that like consuming blood. They’ll accept human and pet blood, but they prefer human blood. As a result, they’re going to hide on your mattress and stay there until they’re ready to eat. They sleep during the day and consume blood at night. If your home is infested with bedbugs, it is pertinent to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Thankfully, they don’t transmit illnesses. Therefore, they’re not as dangerous as other households pests.

Why Are Bedbugs In Your Home?

You’re likely curious to learn more about the causes of bedbugs. Ultimately, these pests enter residences because they’re searching for human blood. Once they’ve entered your home, they’ll have quick and easy access to human blood. They can hide on your mattress and suck your blood while you sleep. They can enter a residence using several techniques. First and foremost, these pests can enter residents by hiding in their luggage. If you spend the night at a motel, there is a risk that these pests are going to enter your luggage and go home with you. Ultimately, this is the most common cause of bedbug infestations. It can also occur after you’ve purchased used clothes and furniture.

You have to check these items carefully to avoid bringing them home with you. Finally, bedbugs may travel from a neighbor’s house. They can sometimes move from one dwelling to another.

How Dangerous Are The Bedbugs In Your Home?

You’re undoubtedly worried about the health risks associated with bedbug infestations. You shouldn’t let this worry you too much. Although these pests will suck blood, they’re not physically dangerous. A bite could lead to a red, itchy welt, but not diseases. They can cause you to lose sleep though.

Different Ways To Eliminate Bedbugs

Working with a professional is the best way to fix your bedbug infestation. Don’t delay teaming up with a professional because the infestation isn’t going to fix itself. When you’re ready to begin, contact our office and learn more about our bedbug services. We offer full-scale services so we can help you identify and eliminate bedbugs. We offer several bedbug treatments to ensure that you’re going to receive satisfactory results. Below, you’ll learn more about our bedbug treatments.


First, you’ll want to learn about our manual bedbug services. They’re great for removing bedbugs from specific rooms. For instance, our manual services would work great for eliminating bedbugs from a bedroom. The preparation requirements are extensive. Therefore, you’ll have to complete a list of tasks before we can reach and treat your home. Our manual services can be completed without using chemicals.


We also offer heat treatment. Ultimately, we believe this is the best treatment for all situations. If you’re trying to remove bedbugs from your residence, heat treatments are great for you. It is the most reliable treatment. It can treat the entire home at once. In addition to this, it can eliminate bedbugs at all ages, including adults, eggs, and babies. One of the best things about heat treatments is the fact that they’re convenient. There is no need to prepare extensively. However, you will need to leave your home for a few hours.

We generally do not use chemicals for our heat treatment but Diatomaceous Earth may be used.


We always recommend our fumigation services to our commercial clients. It works great for dealing with large infestations in commercial buildings. The preparation requirements are slim. Our clients won’t need to do much but they will have to leave the building until we’ve finished. They may have to stay away for 48 hours or longer. Our fumigation services rely solely on Vikane to eliminate bedbugs.

Eliminating Bedbugs With DIY Techniques

You have to work quickly to resolve this problem. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by working with a professional. Nevertheless, some Las Vegas residents will want to fix the problem using DIY methods. Although some of these techniques work, it is hard to kill bedbugs. It requires a lot of practice and patience to fix the problem. Therefore, it is best to let a professional deal with it for you.

Our Treatments Are Always Safe

We have two priorities. We want to eliminate your bugs and we want to keep you safe. We always work diligently to ensure that we meet our goals. One way we do this is by relying solely on natural bedbug treatments. We also use mechanical tools and techniques. If conventional tools are needed, we’ll use them safely. Our technicians are trained to keep our clients safe. Our treatments rely on products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Work with us and we’ll protect you and your loved ones throughout the process.

The Costs

We know that you’re concerned about the cost of our bedbug treatments. Don’t be. We always work hard to ensure that our services are reasonably priced. We often use standard services. When we do, the price is going to depend on the size of your home. Our technician will give you a bid price before the procedure starts. Remember that you can accept or deny our bid price. We recommend shopping around so you can get the best price. Nevertheless, we think our services are worth it.

Preventing Bedbug Infestations

Take steps to prevent bedbugs from invading your home. Never stay at a motel that has bedbugs. Before returning home, carefully check your items to ensure they do not contain bedbugs. As soon as you return, use the dryer to eliminate any bedbugs on your items.

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