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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

People are saying a lot of things about bed bugs these days. Unfortunately, some of the things they are saying are way off base. Some of the things are spot on. Either way, there is no disputing the fact that these are some of the most cryptic pests known to mankind. These pests will go out of their way to avoid detection. They’ll go as far as to completely rearrange their sleeping habits to match that of yours. If you sleep during the day and work at night, these troublesome creatures will start sleeping at night so they can feed during the day when you are asleep and vulnerable. Pretty cryptic, huh? Combine this with the credit card slim profiles and ability to shove themselves into some of the tiniest cracks and crevices in the home, and it only makes the situation all that much worse. Given that these creatures oftentimes go out of their way to avoid detection, you almost have to know where to look to even determine whether or not you are dealing with a bed bug infestation. You might be dealing with fleas or mites. Some people have even mistaken bed bugs for cockroaches. This is why it pays to know where to look.

Common Hiding Spots For Bed Bugs

Box Springs And Mattresses

With a name like bed bugs, it’s probably a given that this creature tends to take up residence in the mattress and box spring. 90 percent of all bed bug infestations are reported to be in the bedroom. This is likely because it’s the one room in the home that provides the quickest and easiest access to their food source. In addition to this, the pest is attracted to human body heat, expelled CO2, and kairomones. When all things are considered, the mattress and box spring make the perfect home for the bed bug.

Cracks And Crevices Of The Bed Frame

Going back to the bedroom theory, these creatures will not only live in the mattress, but they’ll also live in the cracks and crevices of your bed frame. Usually, where the headboards connect to the mattress support rails there are tiny openings. These bedbugs will cram their bodies into the openings. Some bed frames are constructed of wood as well and naturally crack, which is just another of the common hiding spots for these creatures.


It only makes sense that these bedbugs would also hide in your sheets. If they’re going to hide in your mattress and box springs, why wouldn’t they hide in your linens? The only good thing about an infestation like this is, they are much easier to spot. You can usually just see the creatures roaming around on top of the sheets and linens.

Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets might not seem like an ideal home for the bed bug, and it’s not really, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hang out here. Even if just for a short time, these creatures will feel comfortable enough in rugs and carpeting to make them temporary homes. In addition to this, rugs and carpets are usually installed in the bedroom, also giving them quick and easy access to their hosts when needed.

Couches And Upholstered Furniture

The couch is similar to the bed in the fact that it offers hundreds of little hiding spaces in one. Along with this, a lot of people like to lay down and take naps on these pieces. Bed bugs can move from furniture piece to furniture piece effortlessly. Once there, they can hide in the cushions, in the armrests, and behind the pillows. The hiding spots within these pieces are nearly unlimited.

Spots You Might Not Think To Look

The spots mentioned above were some of the more common hiding locations for bed bugs. There are also some spots in the home that one wouldn’t think to look at when seeking out an infestation. It will be knowing these spots that make the biggest differences.


A suitcase is also another piece that offers hundreds of little hiding spaces within one. No one wants to arrive home after a long vacation, only to discover they brought back an unwelcome guest with them. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more of a common occurrence these days. And, it is because of the luggage that this is possible. This is why it pays to travel smart. Never assume because you are paying $200 a night for a hotel room that there isn’t a chance of infestation. There’s always a chance. Learn the SLEEP theory and live by it.

Wall Decorations

Some pieces can tie a room together. Whether it be a family portrait or a picture of a memorable event, these pieces can make all the difference in a given room. Unfortunately, they might be providing the perfect environmental conditions for bed bugs as well. They like it dark, damp, and dank. Bed bugs will get behind pictures, into the frames, and even squeeze into the nail openings when applicable.


When all things are considered, it only makes sense that the bed bug would choose to make a home out of the nightstand. They’re dark, damp, and usually located right near the bed. There are also tons of hiding spots within one of these pieces. Be sure to scour the corners, in the screw holes, and deep into the crevices, as these are some of their know favorite locations.


You don’t want to sit down to enjoy a classic and have a bug jump out at you. Unfortunately, this is a possibility in an infested room. Bed bugs will even hide in your favorite books, although they will usually choose to hide in the front pages and spines as opposed to between the pages.


The sheer number of electronics in a home today is overwhelming. Given the fact that bed bugs can hide in these items, it only makes things that much more troubling. It is the warmth from the circuit boards that attract the creatures. They can also get in there and short out the circuits, which is not something you want. Even iPads, iPods, computers, and laptops are not safe from these tiresome creatures.

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