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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Your home is your kingdom! It’s the one place in the world where you should feel safe, sound, and like you can be yourself. When someone or something takes that away, it can be disheartening. You’ve already likely spent a fortune maintaining and paying for this home so it’s not like that makes being violated any better. All that being said, it just doesn’t make sense to put this much time and effort into your home only to leave it unprotected from bed bugs. And, that’s exactly what you’ve been doing if you have not been utilizing mattress covers.

The Bed Bug Mattress Cover

No one in their right mind would sleep with their doors unlocked these days. Heck, why not just leave it wide open. Hang a sign outside that says intruders welcome free stuff. This is virtually what you have been doing for bed bugs if you haven’t been utilizing bed bugs mattress covers. A bed bug topper is a mattress protector that installs around your mattress, protecting it from existing bed bugs as well as deterring new ones from taking up residence. Given that 90 percent of infestations take place in the bedroom in the mattress, it only makes sense to utilize a product like this. If you choose the right mattress cover and install it properly, these products will not only prevent bed bug infestations, but they’ll kill out the existing bugs that have already taken up residence here. It’s simply a win-win. Of course, this constitutes choosing the right protector and installing it right, which might be more difficult than imagined. This is usually why it is best to bring in a pro to consult.

What Is A Bed Bug Mattress Protector?

These products are referred to by a wide range of names. You’ll hear some people call them encasements, bed bug encasements, mattress toppers, mattress covers, or bed bug mattress protectors. Whatever they are called doesn’t matter because they all work with the same theory in mind. When you think of a bed bug mattress protector, you should think of a big Ziploc bag for your mattress. This is the theory that the bed bug protector was designed around. These products engulf your mattress, protecting it against opposing outside threats, while also protecting you from bugs that have already taken up residence there. When properly installed and designed of undeniable quality these products can trap bugs inside, preventing them from escaping and feeding on you. Without the ability to feed, bed bugs will start to die out in as little as two weeks.

Choose The Right Mattress Cover For Your Home

Bed bug mattress covers are referred to by a variety of names because there are so many manufacturers along with a whole slew of makes, models, and designs. Of course, this isn’t going to make choosing the right one for your home any easier. If anything, it’ll make choosing the right one harder because they all certainly aren’t created with the same quality designs and materials. All in all, it pays to know what to look for when shopping for a product like this. Here’s what you need to know:

Does It Fully Encase?

Would a Ziploc bag protect your sandwich if it didn’t fully engulf it? If half your sandwich was hanging out of the bag would it be exposed to outside elements? Of course, it would and it would not be protected. Neither would your mattress in this situation. This is why you have to choose an encasement that fully covers your mattress. That being said, this step should be as simple as just matching up the right sizes. If you have a queen-sized mattress, choose a queen-sized topper. If you have a twin, choose a twin.

Does It Properly Seal?

A mattress cover can fully encase your mattress, but if it does properly seal, it’s going to be useless as well. The theory behind these products is to trap bugs inside and prevent new ones from taking up residence. You simply cannot do that if there are entry and exit points. The best mattress covers usually include some sort of zipper mechanism that fully encloses the mattress. Some even have reinforced seams and a zipper seal that goes around the zipper mechanism when the zipper is fully intact. These are the ones you’ll want to look for when seeking quality. They’ll ensure longevity as well as durability.

It Must Be Tested

Anything can look good on paper, but until it is put in the field, you never know. The same can be said about mattress covers. Just because a mattress cover looks good and has all the qualities mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work. The mattress cover must be tested in the field. The best ones are usually put through extensive testing to ensure durability and effectiveness in a wide range of conditions.

Is It Design With Toxins?

A lot of mattress toppers are constructed with plastic or polymer materials. As you know, these materials can be designed with toxic materials. Plastics and polymers can sometimes contain toxins and other materials that can be harmful in enclosed environments. Most of the time, this is something that will dissipate after a few days, but it is still something that must be considered. You might want to buy the mattress in advance, let it sit outside for a few days, and then install it. This will give the product ample time to air out.

Are These Products Effective?

This is the big question that everyone is asking. Are bed bug toppers effective? You can poll many people on this very topic and there’s a good chance you’ll get varying answers. This is because there are so many things that can go wrong to make these products ineffective. In theory, they work. They work just like a traditional sandwich bag. They trap bugs inside, preventing them from escaping and feeding in which they will die in two weeks. The only problem is there are tons of things that can go wrong. If the products aren’t installed right. Just the slightest rip or tear will render these products ineffective. This is why there are so many varying answers and results regarding these products. This is why it also pays to turn to the pros when dealing with bed bug mattress toppers. A good pro will not only help you choose the best products for your home, but they’ll make sure they are installed properly free from defects.

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