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Lady Bugs

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If you’re a resident of Las Vegas, you’re likely going to encounter ladybugs at some point. Ladybugs belong to the Coccinellidae family and can reach half an inch in length. Although most of them are scarlet, they can be yellow or orange. Their wing covers have small black dots. As for the rest of their body parts, they’re black. Around the world, researchers have identified more than 5,000 species of ladybugs. Only 450 are native to the continent of North America. A handful of ladybugs are considered pests in our area. Nevertheless, most ladybug species are considered harmless. Some of them are beneficial because they help get rid of unwanted pests.

For instance, they can eliminate mites, scale insects, and aphids.

Primary Causes Of Ladybugs

You’ve likely wondered why ladybugs have decided to enter your home. Although it can be concerning, you should know that it was nothing you did. Ladybugs tend to enter residential structures because they’re trying to stay away from cold weather. Ladybugs are overwintering pests. As a result, they’re going to sneak into buildings before the cold temperatures arrive. When it gets hot again, the ladybugs in your home will try to return outside. Nevertheless, it is wise to get rid of them before this happens.

Do Ladybugs Make People Sick?

Although ladybugs produce numerous problems, they do not make people sick. They’re not dangerous to animals or humans. One type of ladybug can nip your skin. Even when the Asian lady beetle bites, it is not going to break the skin or make you ill. They do not carry parasites or diseases. Therefore, you primarily have to get rid of them because they’re a nuisance. They’ll also create a mess in your home.

Removing Ladybugs From A Home

Don’t delay taking steps to eradicate the ladybugs from your home. They will leave on their own but you’ll have to wait a few months. When it gets warm outside, these pests are going to return. Therefore, you can wait. Alternatively, you’ll need to treat all of these bugs. You have to treat all of them because they do not create nests. You have to target and treat each ladybug individually. Unfortunately, this makes it incredibly difficult. You can try using do-it-yourself methods but it is best to work with us. Get in touch with our representative immediately so we can tackle and fix this problem for you.

Doing It With DIY Methods

DIY methods for ladybugs are available. Nevertheless, it is likely a good idea to avoid using them. Many of them are unreliable since they don’t eliminate all pests. It is quicker and easy to fix the problem by hiring a professional. Furthermore, it’ll prove to be safer. With DIY methods, some products will expose you to dangerous chemicals. Avoid them by working with a qualified exterminator.

We Can Start Soon

Contact our office to learn more about our ladybug treatments. After your call, we’ll get back to you within a day or so.

Our Treatments Are Safe And Effective

When you’re ready to begin, contact our office and we’ll go to work for you immediately. We offer full-scale ladybug services designed to protect you every step of the way. Our technicians aim to fix the problem using EPA-registered products. We always use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency because these products are safe. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to ensure your safety every step of the way.

Preventing Ladybug Infestations

Try keeping ladybugs out of your home. Do this and you won’t need to pay for extermination services. Properly seal your exterior walls and you might be able to keep them out.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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