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Carpenter Ants

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Residents of Las Vegas may encounter carpenter ants at some point. Although these pests are not physically dangerous, they can cause an abundance of problems. Carpenter ants are similar to other ants but they tend to be larger. These pests are primarily black but they have a few red areas. When traveling, carpenter ants tend to move in large groups. Thanks to their powerful mandibles, they can easily tear through wood structures and furniture. Get rid of them quickly or they’ll cause severe damage to your property.

Identifying Carpenter Ant Invasions

When searching your home for carpenter ants, be sure to check for the following factors. First and foremost, you should look for large ants in your home. If you find large, black ants in your home, it might be carpenter ants. You’ll also need to look for small trails of sawdust. Since carpenter ants chew through wood, they’re going to leave small piles of sawdust around the home. Don’t forget to check your home for winged ants. If the ant has wings, you’re dealing with a swarmer. Finally, be sure to listen carefully at night.

You might be able to hear them moving around in your home.

Reasons For Carpenter Ants

You’re likely wondering why carpenter ants have decided to invade your home. In general, these pests build colonies in decaying wood. Once the colony is well developed, the ants will attempt to move to new, more solid wood. In some cases, they’ll build colonies in and around homes. If you find a colony near your home, there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a satellite colony. There is a larger colony outside of your home somewhere.

Ants enter residences when they are searching for food. Carpenter ants are relentless and won’t stop until they find a way to sneak into your home. They can enter homes through small cracks, holes, gaps, and openings. Block all gaps to prevent them from sneaking inside.

Can Carpenter Ants Make You Ill?

Carpenter ants are going to create numerous problems for homeowners and business owners. Once they’ve entered your home, they’re going to start damaging your belongings. They’ll chew through wood and damage the structure. Suffice to say, don’t delay fixing the problem. Team up with a qualified exterminator so you can fix this problem as quickly as possible.

Best Way To Eliminate Carpenter Ants

There are numerous ways to tackle a carpenter ant infestation but a few methods are better than others. Remember that ants have numerous colonies and interlinked nests. It is pertinent to treat each next. Failing to do so will cause the problems to remain. The best way to fix the problem is by teaming up with a qualified professional. When you’re ready to eradicate the infestation, call us and take advantage of our carpenter ant program.

DIY Solutions For Carpenter Ants

A lot of people like fixing such problems on their own. We understand this because working with a professional can be frightening. Ultimately, using DIY solutions may not be wise. Many of these solutions are not reliable. Others could be incredibly dangerous. Protect the ones you love by working with us. We can remove the ants from your home and property while protecting everyone involved.

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The Safest Carpenter Ant Solutions

We’re always eager to help. We provide safe, reliable solutions. We always use EPA-registered products because they’re safe. We thoroughly train our technicians to make sure that they’re going to fix the problem while keeping everyone safe. Contact our office to learn more about our service and the techniques we follow to protect you. We only use products that do not expose any risks to people or pets.

Preventing Carpenter Ant Problems

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to keep carpenter ants out of your home. Contact us and we can help you take steps to keep them away.

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