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Heat Treatment

There is no getting around the fact that bed bugs are extremely tough. They’ve even gotten tougher with time. Chemicals and pesticides that use to eradicate bed bugs are no longer proving effective. If it isn’t taking harsher chemicals, it’s taking several applications of the chemicals. You combine this with the potentially harmful effects of these substances, and it becomes easier than ever to see the need for eco-friendly treatments.

While there are now a handful of such treatments available, it is hard to match the thermal heat treatment. This is a type of eco-friendly treatment that is not only proving more effective, but it’s killing bugs in all stages. That being said, there is still plenty to know about this treatment before getting fully invested.

Breaking Down The Theory Of Heat Treatment

In theory, the heat treatment is pretty general. It is a well-known fact that bed bugs cannot stand up to specific amounts of heat. When exposed to 140 degrees temperatures or higher these bugs will dehydrate out and die. However, they have to be exposed to these temperatures for no less than 90 minutes. This option is growing in popularity, as it not only kills these bugs in all stages, but it reaches everywhere.

Every nook, cranny, crack, or crevice of the home. The heat emitted by these machines will permeate. With this treatment, there will be no hiding for these bugs.

Properly Monitoring The Heat

You can see how and why heat treatment is becoming a go-to solution for many. However, nothing is foolproof, and the heat treatment is no different. One of the drawbacks, although a minor one, is that bugs must be exposed to these temperatures for 90 minutes or more. If there are any fluctuations too great the bugs will not properly die.

This is why our techs also bring in special monitors that allow us to monitor and maintain the heat in the property. As some as there is a fluctuation or the heat falters, a signal is sent and our techs are notified. This will give us more than sufficient time to get in there and make the necessary adjustments.

Evacuating The Home

Another potential drawback to this treatment is that you will have to evacuate the home. During treatment, all pets and humans will need to be out of the home. Indeed, people do soak in saunas at higher temperatures than these, but this is only done for a few minutes at a time. No one ever exposes themselves to these temperatures for 90 minutes or now. This would be deadly and that’s why the home has to be evacuated.

In addition to this, some items might need to be removed from the property as well. Luckily, this is something our techs can handle, so it’s not much of an inconvenience for you.

Whether you have concerns, questions, or want to speak to one of our pest management professionals about heat treatments, you can give our Las Vegas offices a call. We always have someone standing by ready to answer your questions.

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