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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Bed bugs have made a huge reappearance in North America recently. Not only are these creatures back, but they are back with a vengeance, smarter than ever and more resilient than you would imagine. Traditional chemicals and pesticides are no longer proving effective for these troublesome insects. Luckily, there are now a wide variety of other options available for dealing with them. Not only are these more solutions available than ever before, but these options are proving to be more effective. Oh, and they’re eco-friendly, which doesn’t hurt matters in the slightest. All that being said, this is still one cryptic creature. It almost takes forcing the bug out of hiding sometimes just to determine whether or not you are dealing with an infestation. Here’s how you can go about doing just that: Help! Bug Won’t Come Out Of Hiding!
  1. You first must know when to start your search, and unfortunately, this would be when you normally sleep. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to lose days and days of sleep, but you might need to lose a few nights. Some people have problems sleep anyways knowing there is the potential for them to be bitten while they sleep. You’ll need to know that these creatures only come out when you are sleeping. This is when you’ll want to look for them.
  2. Another good second step is to relocate the beds and bedroom furniture away from the wall. The theory is to force the bedbugs to travel up the legs before getting to you to feed. Of course, this will only work for the creatures that haven’t inhabited the mattress yet, but it is an excellent starting point. With the bed relocated, you’ll be ready to start placing traps.
  3. With the bed relocated, your next step will be to place lures and traps under the feet of the bed. There is a wide selection available, but if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you cannot go wrong with the dish-like device. This device doesn’t emit any smells or scents, rather it is just designed like a dish. When the bugs enter the dish, they will be unable to escape.
  4. Several other lures and bait devices available are the CO2 and heat lures. These work almost just like the one mentioned above, but the major difference is they emit CO2 or heat to attract the bugs. Some traps emit a combination of both. They come with cartridges that can be replaced monthly or bi-monthly. In addition to this, some of these traps utilize glue traps or glue paper rather than the dish design. Some use a combination of both. Whatever the situation, you cannot go wrong with a good trap.

Use Everything Available To You

Any pest management professional worth a grain of salt in Las Vegas will tell you that bed bugs are one of the trickiest insects you can deal with. This means you’ll want to utilize everything in your arsenal to attack these bedbugs. Heck, you’ll have to! That being said, one of the best tools anyone has available to them is the pest management professional. Of course, choosing a good one will be key. Choosing one that has been in business for a long time and has an extensive history dealing with bed bugs. Also, look for one that offers eco-friendly pest management options, as they are not only easier on the environment, but they’ll be more effective in some situations. A good pest professional can also help you choose and place baits and lures in the most strategic locations throughout the property.

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