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Cryonite Treatment

Professional Cryonite Treatment Las Vegas NV

A revolutionary bed bug treatment is gaining a lot of attention in Las Vegas. Cryonite, better known as ‘CO2 snow’ in the pest control industry, utilizes extremely cold temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. Unlike some pest control treatments, cryonite eradicates bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle.

Cryonite bed bug treatment is also gaining traction in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. As one of the most aggressive insect species worldwide, the bed bug feeds on blood from a living host. While more research is needed to determine the actual effectiveness of cryonite as a bed bug treatment. From several years of experience, our Las Vegas exterminators believe cryonite will offer 100 percent effectiveness when administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Carbon dioxide snow was specifically created to combat bed bug home infiltration and infestation. With so much success, exterminators believe there is an opportunity to integrate cryonite into pest control treatments for other species. Mite, cockroach, and beetle extermination treatments are just a few examples.

Cryonite – How Does It Actually Work?

State-of-the-art equipment and liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) are utilized to generate cryonite. To produce cryonite, the liquid CO2 must reach temperatures below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The extremely low temperature allows liquid CO2 to transition into what experts have deemed “dry ice,” or cryonite.

The frozen CO2 eradicates bed bugs in as little as 15 minutes. When applied per the manufacturer’s directions, dry ice can kill bed bugs on contact. Unlike pesticide treatment, frozen CO2 can permeate structural components made of wood, plastic, fabric, and thin metal. The permeation capability eliminates the bed bug’s ability to hide from eradication.

With pros comes one major downside for the cryonite treatment. This downside is structural damage, which can be prevented with the proper administration technique. Our cryonite treatment method relies on innovative equipment, integrated with a high-quality wand and nozzle with a 90-degree angle. This ergonomic design delivers improved handling and control, resulting in more accuracy.

Is Cryonite Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, cryonite does not consist of dangerous chemicals that when exposed to the environment can cause long-lasting damage. Cryonite offers a broad range of benefits:

  • Penetrates deep into the bed bug’s hiding place
  • Cost-efficient, compared to other similar bed bug treatments
  • Extremely versatile (eradicates cockroaches, mites, and some species of beetles)
  • Can safely be applied in human- and animal-occupied properties
  • Suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial pest control applications
  • Requires minimal to no cleanup after each treatment

Hiring A Cryonite Expert

There is no doubt, Las Vegas has dozens of pest control companies, sometimes in the same community. While this opens up more pest control service options to local consumers, deciding which service to hire can get a bit frustrating. We highly suggest narrowing the options down to no more than four. Focus on these four companies and conduct a comparison to determine which company is offering the best deal.

With this said, not all pest control services are created equal. And, the lowest comparison price is not always the best consumer’s best option. There is much more to factor into the equation.

We believe in our cryonite treatment, which is why it is backed by a full customer satisfaction guarantee. Most Las Vegas consumers know the importance of a 100 percent customer guarantee, as it protects their investments.

Other Reasons Why To Hire Us!

  • Our prices are competitive
  • Our cryonite services include a free consultation and inspection
  • Our bed bug cryonite applications include both commercial and residential
  • Our Las Vegas pest control company is locally owned and operated
  • Our exterminators are licensed with the State of Nevada

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