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By all accounts, Las Vegas is a beautiful, safe and very prosperous city. The individuals, who are lucky enough to reside here, will agree wholeheartedly that Vegas is unlike any other city in the world. Nonetheless, even the lucky residents of Las Vegas can run into trouble from time to time. Those nasty little bedbugs do not discriminate and therefore any home in Las Vegas could be impacted by a bedbug infestation. You may believe that you will never encounter the bed bug in your Las Vegas home and this may very well be the case. Still, it is a good idea to prepare and take precautions just in case.

We just happen to be one of the longest-running bed bugs Las Vegas exterminator companies and we’ll be able to help during your time of need. In fact, we sincerely hope you’ll give us an opportunity to rectify the problem you’re currently facing. Below, you will learn more about the bed bug removal techniques we use in Las Vegas.

About Us

Before jumping too far ahead, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with us. We are a bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas NV. We have served the public in Vegas and nearby cities for many years. Our company is licensed and insured, so the client can sleep soundly at night knowing they’ll receive a great service from us! Since we have worked so closely with bed bugs in Las Vegas NV for such a long duration, we have learned a great deal about these pesky critters. We understand exactly how they manage to infiltrate homes and we also know how to get them out!

Above all else, our goal is to return a smile to the faces of our clients. If we’re happy to do that, we’ve accomplished something truly paramount.


Before you can truly know for sure that you’re dealing with an infestation, you will need to spot the critters in your home. It is also possible to look for the telltale signs of bedbugs. By finding a combination of these things, you will be able to say for certain whether or not your home is infested. Alternative, we also offer inspection services. As the most versatile bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas, we wholeheartedly believe in working with the client from the beginning to the very end. This is why we feel it is absolutely necessary to offer inspections.

We can utilize our expertise and specially trained pooches to identify problematic locations in your home. Rest assured knowing we have no intention of manipulating the situation. If your home is not infested, we’ll happily tell you about it! If it is determined that your home is infested, we can provide you with a quote right away. More about our quoting system will be provided below.

Binding Quotes

Now, we sincerely understand that the mass majority of consumers try to avoid professional exterminators, due to the costs involved. In order to combat this problem, we follow several protocols. Besides trying to provide the client with the lowest price possible, we also offer binding quotes. We want all consumers to know precisely what they’re going to pay well in advance. Our quotes are binding. Therefore, we cannot change that price at a later date. Of course, if we’re able to lower the price somehow, we will most certainly do so. However, with us, you will never have to worry about hidden charges or fees!

Chemical And Non-Chemical Techniques

Almost all pesticides designed to eradicate bedbugs contain a specific number of chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment, humans and pets. It is crucial to handle them with caution, especially during the application process. If you are unfamiliar with these products, it may be in your best interest to rely on a licensed bedbug exterminator. This professional has undergone multiple safety courses, so they will know exactly how to approach and apply the pesticides.

Many exterminators will rely on foggers and pesticides, while others prefer the heat treatment. Of course, it will be your decision to select a treatment package that will suit your needs, preferences and financial budget. The heat treatment is the most preferred treatment option among professionals and consumers, because it most often gets the job done the first go around. Unlike commercial-grade pesticides, which may take multiple retreatments to completely eradicate the infestation.

Most consumers are under the impression that the heat treatment is more expensive than other chemical and non-chemical techniques. When you consider the fact that the heat treatment will probably not need to be repeated and the pesticide method will, you could very well save a little money, by choosing the heat treatment. However, it will be in your best interest to talk with our technicians, before actually making your final decision. If the infestation in your home is mild to moderate, chemical sprays and foggers may very well be sufficient.

Why You Should Select Us

We know that we’re not the only exterminator in the city of Las Vegas. In fact, the competition is pretty heavy. This is why we feel it is absolutely essential to provide our clients with the best of all worlds. Below, you will learn about us and the benefits of choosing us as your primary exterminator.

  • Our company sincerely understands your concerns. We attempt to quell the client’s concerns by background checking and drug screening each of our employees. By working with us, you can rest assured knowing you’re allowing a trustworthy and highly knowledgeable individual to enter your home.
  • We can work covertly. Some clients will live inside of a small community and they’ll want to keep their problem a secret. We can accommodate that desire easily.
  • The client’s schedule is always taken into consideration. Speak with us directly and tell us about your precise predicament. We’ll make adjustments to work with you and your schedule.
  • We strive to provide a safe solution. Our heat machines can remove those bedbugs safely, conveniently and reliably.
  • We offer inspections and binding quotes.


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A bed bug infestation is no joke, because a mild case can turn into a severe case in a matter of days. Our technicians are skilled and certified, so you can rely on our team to eradicate those pesky bedbugs that are overtaking your home and ruining your life. We understand the stress you are exhibiting and will gladly sit down with you in a face-to-face meeting. Contact us today for your free in-home estimate.


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